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Easily done yourself with a big 'block' brush.

Concrete look paint is water based paint that requires just one layer. Make sure the surface has a light color, is more or less smooth and slightly 'sucking' in the paint. 
In advance a special primer (also water based) is needed. 
Concrete look paint is made for walls, but can also be used on wood and non-porous materials, see below in this page.

PRIMER, espacially for Concrete look paint:

  • This (white) primer is available with grain for a raw texture.
  • Also available without grain for a smoother result.
  • If needed, remove dust and degrease.
  • Apply with a roller brush or a synthetic brush (for water based paint).
  • Efficiency: 10-12 m2 per liter, available in 100 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL, 1 L and 2,5 L.
  • Drying time: 6 hours.


  • The paint is some sort of jelly, it is like spawn and can be spread broadly on the surface really well.
  • Efficiency strongly depends on the surface and the way of application, but it’s circa 13-17 m2 per liter.
  • Available in 4 neutral colours: Flint (light grey), Sandstone (beige), Granite (grey with a glimpse of green) and Slate (dark grey with a glimpse of brown).

Flint                                                         Sandstone
Granite                                                    Slate

Recently 10 new colors are added.
Cement                                                    Army
Oasis                                                       Lazuli
Beige                                                       Basalt
Marble                                                       Plum

  • Apply with a big, thick brush, not with a roller or a cloth.
  • 10 m2 can be done in about an hour.
  • Available in 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 ltr and 2,5 ltr.
  • Drying time: between 2 and 8 hours, depending on how thick the applied layer is.
  • Fully cured after 30 days. If needed, it can be used before the 30 days, just be careful.
  • Kitchen walls and bathroom walls need to be finished with a lacquer, varnish or (clear) wax, cannot be used on walls in the wet shower area itself.
  • Result depends on the way of application:
    • vertically and horizontally movements of the brush, cross-over or rotating movements (this last one gives a cloudy, dreamy effect)
    • thin or thick: the white ‘jelly beads’ can be spread across the surface or flattened. You can also leave them for a more raw result. The white little beads will dry with the paint, leaving lighter spots, giving you the look of real concrete.




  • If needed, sand down and degrease.
  • Apply primer evenly onto surface. If it’s not nicely covered afterwards, apply a second coat.
  • After about 2 hours, the primer is ‘dust dry’
  • Let the primer dry for 6 hours. When the surface is not porous and smooth, let it dry for at least 12 hours.
  • Concrete look paint is a jelly spawn-looking substance; stir the upper layer until it’s loosened up.
  • If possible, test the paint on a part that’s less visible or important, or a MDF board/hardboard.
  • If you don’t fully spread/flatten the white jelly beads, you will eventually see whiter spots, which is optional.
  • Efficiency is circa 13-17 m2 per litre. When using it on home accessories or other things, circa 10 m2 per litre.
  • The result of the concrete look paint is rough, even when you use the primer without grain. Without grain will be a little less rough but still raw and rough looking/feeling.
  • Concrete look paint can be finished with lacquer that is water based.
  • It’s best if you slightly dilute this lacquer before you use it for the first time.
  • Finishing is also possible with ultra-matte varnish and transparent wax.
  • Clean the brush and other tools with water.
  • Treat Concrete look primer and paint as chemical waste.



By using concrete look paint on wood, it is, just like on walls/other materials, best if the surface has a light color, a smooth structure and slightly ‘sucking’. For example: raw and bare wood of stairs.

Necessities painting stairs:
  • 1 litre primer (with or without grain)
  • 1 litre concrete look paint
  • 700 ml Ultra Matt Varnish

CONCRETE LOOK PAINT on NON-POROUS MATERIALS, for example on home accessories

The concrete look paint can be applied to fairly everything. This is possible on accessories that aren’t ‘used’ that much, since otherwise the paint won’t stay on beautifully for too long (pots, vases, tiles, bowls).
The primer adheres on fairly every surface. The person using it ought to make comparisons and maybe test the paint somewhere. Non-porous surfaces have a longer drying-time (8 to 10 hours).


Our products are high quality. From us, you can expect a good and fair advice. Though, we are not responsible for the result not being exactly as expected, or for non-porous surfaces to damage, in special cases.

Safety Regulations:
It’s best to protect vulnerable body parts. When the concrete look paint gets into the eyes, immediately rinse thoroughly with clean water (15 minutes). Afterwards, consult a doctor. As well with taking it in and swallowing, consult a doctor.

Treat primer and paint residues as chemical waste.

For advice from a specialist:

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