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IBAN: NL66INGB0651852315
KvK: 66271061; BTW: 856472815B01
di t/m vrij 10 - 17 uur; za 10 - 16 uur
 Kleuradvies: 06.1083.9194
Technisch advies betonlook: 06.3720.4435
Suitable for almost all surfaces, without sanding.

The Vintage Paint consists of natural ingredients, is water-based and contains a tough and elastic binder, making it way stronger than any other chalk paint.

Suitable for:
  • wood, untreated, in oil, wax or varnish/lacquered
  • MDF
  • veneer
  • plastic
  • metal
  • textile and leather
  • stone and ceramics
  • glass
  • rattan

The Vintage Paint is both indoors and outdoors applicable to:

  • furniture
  • kitchens, both the cabinet doors and the tiles
  • floors of wood, stone and ceramic or laminate
  • toys
  • home accessories

The Vintage Paint is available in:

  • 40 standard colors (always in stock)
  • many more colors. Always available in our webshop and our store in Zwolle. When requested in Apeldoorn the next day.
  • 100 ml € 6.95
  • 250 ml € 12.95 
  • 700 ml € 25.95
  • Efficiency approx. 7-10 m2 per 700 ml


Manual Vintage Paint:

  • Do NOT degrease with ammonia or other harsh stuff;  if needed, wipe clean with soapy water
  • do not sand; primer not necessary
  • stir well; dilution with water is not needed, but possible if you want to
  • apply the paint at room temperature
  • with synthetic brush or felt roller (available in the webshop)
  • apply at least two coats of paint, sometimes more (depends on the color)
  • it’s possible for wood to ‘bleed’, if so, use our special primer (in webshop)
  • drying time approx. 30/45 minutes
  • re-paintable after 1 hour
  • paint in 2 or 3 thin layers rather than in 1 thick layer for the strongest and most beautiful result
  • paint with a brush for a lively look or felt roller for a tidier result
  • it takes 2/3 weeks to cure completely. Within this periode of time, be careful with using
  • after it has dried, the paint is porous and easily pick up dirt. Therefore, finishing with clear wax, varnish or lacquer is advised
  • finishing makes the paint stain-resistant, extra strong and water-repellent; it's possible to wipe clean with water

Finishing options:

  1. Transparent antique-/turpentine wax: fast, easy, strong and cheap; gives authentic touch, applicable for all materials, including fabric.
  2. Finish with (parquet) lacquer or varnish, for tighter look: choose matt or extra matt. Method Assembly:


  • always apply braodly with a bristle brush; applying with a cloth makes the whole thing less scratch resistant
  • efficiency ca. 10-15 m 2 per tin; 350 ml-€ 12.50
  • apply 1 hour after the Vintage Paint dried
  • apply at room temperature
  • with very light colors, the surface can be polished 24 hours after application of the wax
  • with other colors: apply the leftover wax with a soft cloth and level the surface, then, give it 24 hours get into the paint
  • polish off with a soft cloth; more polishing means a glossier look



  • a smooth finish with a sleek, glossy appearance
  • efficiency approx. 10/13 m2 per litre
  • 0,5 litre € 22,50
  • 1,0 litre € 39,95
  • application indoors; not on tiles
  • if necessary, dilute the first layer before application



  • gives a somewhat rough finish with a very matt, tough appearance
  • gloss unit 3 (market standard < 10 = ultra matt)
  • efficiency approx. 13/17 m2 per litre
  • 0,25 litre € 15,50
  • 0,70 litre € 39,95
  • application indoors; also on tiles
  • do not dilute



  • apply with felt roller or synthetic paint brush
  • applying several thin layers gives a stronger result
  • drying time approx. 30/45 minutes; add the next coating after 4 hours;
  • as with all lacquer/varnish, it needs 2-3 weeks to get completely hard and finished. In that period, be careful when using it
  • it’s possible for all lacquer/varnish to turn out a little yellow (water based lacquer less than turpentine-based)



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